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Indiana Timber Buyers

We are local timber buyers located in Bloomington, Indiana. Our company has been in business for 3 generations. 

What buying timber means to us

Timber harvesting is always done with an eye towards the future. As a family operated and local business, we know a healthy forest means our business will continue to exist. Owner Iamur Wright wishes for his sons to inherit the business one day. For that reason, and many others, preservation is extremely important. 

When you work with Ohio River Veneer, you enter into a contract much like a marriage. This is no fly by night outfit. The job is not finished until we get an “okay” from the landowner. We take clean-up to the next level and leave your forest looking as untouched as possible. Tree tops are either left to turn into forest fodder or piled into windrows to direct deer on hunting properties. All logging trails are smoothed and usable as recreational roads. Most importantly, young trees are given room to flourish and grow. Your property can be harvested again in 15-20 years. 

Timber Buyers are Timber Harvesters

A part of being timber buyers is actually harvesting the timber. This is a very complicated process that takes a lot of planning by our logging professionals. We don’t just go in and cut trees here and there. It is very important to plan the entire process based on how each unique property is situated. From how the tree is cut to how it is taken from the forest – each decision must be painstakingly made to insure minimal damage.

Our team works together to ensure the best route through the forest is taken. Each tree that will be cut is planned into the route. Furthermore, we use a specialized technique called directional felling to ensure no mature trees are damaged when a tree is cut. Landowners requests are also built into the plan to ensure the property suits their needs. 

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Ready to Sell?

You don't have to miss the opportunity that a timber harvest brings you. We harvest timber in a way that keeps your forest clean and beautiful.

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