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Create A Deer Hot Spot

Upgrade Your Hunting Property

Getting your timber harvested creates the perfect opportunity to upgrade your hunting land. There are so many parts of logging that actually work in sync with attracting wildlife. For example, creating a growth opening for logging also creates a meadow for deer and turkey. We seed the spot with clover and all the things deer love. There is no better place to set up your deer stand. Get paid for your timber while enhancing your hunting property.

Deer Habitat Enhancement

Deer have some basic necessities to home in a certain area. They need food, water, shelter and a feeling of safety. We arrange your property to suit them perfectly. All the trails on the property used for logging direct the deer to your hunting meadow. Tree tops are not only fodder for deer, but also are used to create windrows that direct their movements. White clover and red clover planted in opened areas provide food for years to come. The property remains wooded in other areas so the deer feel safe. This can take your hunting property to the next level.

Depending on whether you have a creek on your land, we can add a pond to your property. Water sources are much more likely to attract wildlife and keep them around. We walk your forest and come up with a strategy based on how your hunting land is positioned. The hunting meadow is placed in the place where the deer feel safest. It is also where the log landing is during harvesting. The trails are made to minimize intrusion on your property, which ensures the cover remains for the deer. Call us to find out what we can do to upgrade your hunting property. 

You can read more about deer habitat here.

We also buy and sell hunting land!

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