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A company built on values

Ohio River Veneer, LLC was passed down from father to sons in 2002. Owners and brothers, Iamur, Brutus, and Astar Wright believed in and are committed to their family tradition of professional logging and the logging values established by their forefather.

“Our family-owned company is made up of a team of skilled and knowledgeable harvesters dedicated to providing quality care for your land. Compared to other logging companies, we offer more than just cutting timber—we want to provide the best care for your forest while still being able to have competitive prices.”

Competitive Rates

We maintain competitive sales rates to ensure you get paid what your timber is worth

More than just logging

We regularly donate to charities such as Log-a-Load, a charity that provides aid to children who are critically ill

Landowner First

We show the utmost respect for your land during harvesting and after harvesting with our clean-up crew

Eco-Friendly Practices

We hold the environment as a priority when harvesting timber and focus on low-impact logging

How we got our name:

We became pros logging the steep hills along the Ohio River, before moving back with our experience to serve in our Indiana home.

Iamur J. Wright

Iamur J. Wright

Co-Owner and Forestry Consultant

Iamur wants to help forest owners maximize the value of their forest resources. He works with owners to enhance hunting, forest health, and wildlife diversity through forest management. Iamur’s main goal is to help forest owners navigate through the often complex decision-making process of what might be the best for a particular woodland. Iamur is happily married with three kids. He is family driven and enjoys his weekends with his large family.

Brutus J. Wright

Brutus J. Wright

Co-Owner and Marketing Salesman

Brutus has knowledge of harvesting and maximizing the worth of timber, which has been passed down from 3 generations of logging. He sells logs in a competitive market to get the best return on a forest owner's investment. He approaches each sale with a professional manner to ensure that both the seller and buyer are satisfied with the results of the log sell. Brutus is married with 5 children and enjoys the outdoors and hunting. He shares this passion with his children, while teaching them to respect wildlife and the forest.

Astar S. Wright

Astar S. Wright

Co-Owner and Mechanic Foreman

Growing up in Southern Indiana, Astar developed a passion for the outdoors along side his brothers. He knew at a young age, that his dream was to develop a business that included both his family and his love of the outdoors. Entering into logging right out of high school, he helped his company grow with an eye for business and mechanics. He is happily married with three children and enjoys sharing his love of nature and the outdoors with his family.

Conscientious Logging is in Our Roots

Our style of logging is unique: we have an entire system based on preserving the environment. We selectively fall marked timber and use directional felling to protect developing trees.
After every job, we have a clean-up crew that reseeds the grass, spreads straw, builds water bars, and smooths out the land. This prevents soil erosion and promotes the regrowth of trees.
Our goal is to ensure as little damage as possible on the job, and optimal forest regeneration after.