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Timber Harvesting

We buy standing timber - that means we pay landowners to harvest their trees. We also buy timberland aka vacant land filled with adult timber.

Handmade Tables
Handmade Wooden Tables

We use our best veneer wood to make one-of-a-kind tables that will make your home or office really stand out!

Hunting Land for Sale
Hunting Land
for Sale

We enhance vacant land into the perfect hunting properties! This includes adding aspects such as ponds and deer blinds to the land before selling it.

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Ohio River and Veneer custom table

Family owned and operated

We are a local, family-run company in Bloomington that has been passed down from father to sons. Our company was built on values focusing on landowner first and eco-friendly logging.

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Dedicated clean-up crew

Leaving your woods looking as good as possible after a harvest and ensuring quick re-growth is one of our top priorities. Our logging specialists ensure your standing timber grows in value.

buy logs Indiana

Best prices for your timber

Low-impact logging, a team of highly-trained timber harvesting specialists, and 50+ years of experience is our guarantee you get paid what your timber is worth.

Our Services

We Buy

Standing Timber

We Sell

Enhanced Hunting Land
Handmade Tables
Logs & Veneer

We Buy Standing Timber

We Buy Timber

Your standing timber is a new source of income when you decide to get it harvested. Find out what your timber is worth!

Meet the Team ORV

We sell custom-made veneer tables

Deer Habitat Enhancement

Are you a hunter looking for your dream land filled with wildlife?
We add deer blinds, ponds, trails, housing sites and more to make the ultimate hunting property.

Landowner Testimonials

We were very satisfied with our clean up crew.
Kathy Jones Jackson
I worked with Ohio river veneer for several years and only quit to start my own residential tree service company. I have been in the logging industry for nearly ten years and worked on numerous crews. I can say, Hands down, Ohio river veneer has the best logging crew in the state, maybe the whole Midwest!
Kyle Bailey
Good people honest and hard working.
James Lyons
I highly recommend Ohio River Veneer. They cared a lot about the property and worked hard to please the landowner. They are professionals. John, the person in charge of clean-up did a fantastic job, all of which was greatly appreciated.
Mark Sell
Very professional hard working group of people. Satisfied customer here, I would use the again.
Dave Jackson
Sure wish it was time to have you guys come out again. I need a garage haha

Its been about 6 years since you guys came out and done my place. It's thriving very well! And the deer are so thick here they eat all my berries lol. I brag about you guys to everyone when i get the chance. Ive given a lot of the neatly piled wood you left to people who really need it. Would love to have you guys back out but its probably too soon.

A quick review for anyone wondering. These guys did an awesome job at my place a few years ago. They went way beyond the normal standards of 99% of the other logging companies. I've heard horror story after horror story about properties being left a mess. You do not have to worry about that with these guys! They connected the trails and threw grass seed down. My property still looks great and has shaped up nicely. On top of that I have deer every where now. Thanks guys!!
Rick Floyd III

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