The Logging Industry's Finest

Conscientious Logging is in our roots
     Our style of logging is unique in that we have an entire system based on preserving the environment.

     We selectively fall marked timber and use directional falling to protect developing trees.  After every job, we have a clean-up crew that reseeds, builds water bars if necessary, and smooths out the land all in order to prevent soil erosion and promote a regrowth of trees.

A company built on values
The owners of Ohio River Veneer, LLC model their company based on their forefathers' way of logging.

  • Maintaining competitive sale rates to ensure you get top dollar for your timber
  • Having an extreme respect for your land
  • Keeping the environment in priority
  • Regular donations to charities such as Log-a-Load

Ohio River Veneer, LLC was passed down by their father in 2002 to brothers Iamur, Brutus, and Astar Wright, with the desire to pursue the family tradition of professional logging.  Our family-owned company is made up of a team of skilled and knowledgeable harvesters dedicated to providing quality care for your land.
​      Among other logging companies, we offer more than just cutting timber.  We want to provide the best care for your forest while still being able to have competitive prices.

Get in touch with our forestry consultant, Iamur Wright, for an evaluation of your timber!


After every job, we clean up, reseed, and spread straw to ensure your forest regrows and develops as quickly as possible.

We make frequent donations to Log-a-Load, a charity that provides aid to critically ill children.

Top-quality Logging Services

Ohio River Veneer, LLC

We became pros logging the steep hills along the Ohio River before moving back to our Indiana home.  And that's how we got our name.

Iamur J. Wright

Brutus J. Wright

Astar S. Wright