"The reward for work well done is the opportunity for more work"

In 2002, a band of brothers followed their forefathers paths by creating Ohio River Veneer, LLC. Starting as Indiana timber buyers and growing into a crew of skilled harvesters, ORV has set and achieved goals throughout the years. Earning the coveted Logger of the Year award in 2009 and surpassing veneer timber output all while maintaining a strong customer base is among ORV's achievements.  

ORV ensures its clients are highly satisfied with its logging by using Best Management Practices. Being environmentally conscious is a critical part of Ohio River Veneer's job. By offering selective timber cutting and a full cleanup, ORV prevents soil erosion and promotes a fast regrowth of trees. Ohio River Veneer, LLC respects the landowner's property by also reseeding and strawing to create a beautiful forest and to increase property value.   

Ohio River Veneer, LLC is known for paying top price for timber and keeping its sales competitive. This repetition of great prices also makes ORV's patrons stay loyal and make excellent referrals.

While ORV is a family-owned company, it still has the experience for oversea sales. Jim Wright has had decades of experience in this area so he handles these trades.

Giving back to the community is also one of Ohio River Veneer's many attributes. Regular donations to Log a Load helps critically ill children. The goal this year is $250,000.

Contact our forestry consultant Iamur Wright for a free estimate from the top rated veneer timber buyers in Indiana.

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